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Caroline Sly

PO Box 313

Ashfield, MA












New Work For Old Houses


Windows, Doors, Cupboards, and Paneling







Specializing in 18th century houses of the New England region








We respond to the beautiful rooms of the eighteenth century as harmonious compositions resonating with balance and liveliness. Designing rooms like those requires a sympathetic and experienced extension of that same harmony. Building them is best done with the skilful use of period tools.


I have been restoring eighteenth and nineteenth century houses since I moved to western Massachusetts in 1968, using hand tools of the period to recreate the old designs. The landscape is still full of old houses built by settlers from Cape Cod and the rest of coastal New England, similar to the early houses I knew growing up near Boston. Many of them have been damaged or altered over 200 years, and need informed restoration to recapture their original beauty.







I have also built a number of new houses in the old styles, using hand planes and discovering the pleasure of building with really beautiful clear white pine from local forests. I have also discovered the treasure trove of regional differences. It has become a source of the greatest pleasure to restore, repair, or recreate paneling, doors, window trim or cupboards following the style original to each house and reveling in the differences from one locality to the next.







I work alone in a small shop. My calling is to contribute architectural woodwork that is not only beautiful and well made but affordable and true to the house it is to go to. I encourage you to enter into the design phase of this work with me. In buildings and in furniture, the best pieces come of collaboration between owner and builder.







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